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In Paris
Public transport
Visit Paris by bus
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Outside of Paris
Other means of transport

Car hire


Transport to the airports

The price to be paid is that indicated on the meter at the end of the journey. it is equal to the pick-up charge (fixed charge indicated on starting, for example 2 € in Paris) to which the charge per kilometre is added.
Increased charges at night, Sundays and bank holidays.

Receipt on request. Tip optional (according to custom, 10%)

After 1 a.m. there are only occasional night buses:

taxis become essential. Paris has 14 500 taxis and 460 taxi ranks.
'TAXI', lit up on the roof means free taxi. When the sign is switched off with the orange light the taxi is occupied. Be warned. It is difficult to find a taxi in the evening in the suburbs. The Noctambus serves the suburbs.

Contact the Préfecture de police (police headquarters).
Tel. 01 45 31 14 80

Taxi companies

Alpha Taxi
Tel. 01 45 85 85 85

Tel. 01 42 41 50 50

Taxis G7
Tel. 01 47 39 47 39

Taxis Bleu
Tel. 01 49 36 10 10

Taxi Étoile
Tel. 01 41 27 27 27