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Shopping in an atmosphere of cabaret (9th)

Concentrated Paris (1st)
Welcome to picturesque Paris (2nd)
The Calm of the Temple and the life of the Marais (3rd)
The chic of life on the islands (4th Arrondissement)
The neighbourhood for everyone (5th)
Pure animation! (6th)
Institutional Paris (7th)
The neighbourhood of VIPs (8th)
Shopping in an atmosphere of cabaret (9th)
The neighbourhood of the stations (10th)
The Rock'n'Roll Neighbourhood (11th)
When the modern style sets in, Nature resists (12th)
The heterogeneous neighbourhood (13th)
From Montsouris to Montparnasse (14th)
A spot of green in a densely populated Paris (15th)
Culture and history everywhere (16th)
Popular and chic! (17th)
Bohemian Montmartre according to Aznavour (18th)
The scientific and human neighbourhood (19th)
Accommodation for all (20th)

Nature/Leisurely walks : + Culture : ++ Shopping : +++

The 9th arrondissement is a lively neighbourhood par excellence by day and by night. Indeed, it has achieved its fame through its big boulevards, such as the Boulevard du Crime, where numerous shops are open for you.

Barbès, one of the liveliest neighbourhoods, takes you across the Mediterranean sea. The accumulation of typical shops, the merchandise, the spontaneity, will amaze you.

The Palais Garnier (the Opera) is in this arrondissement, delighting visitors with its architecture, and with its numerous shows.

But the 9th arrondissement is also a very lively night life, with cabarets such as the Moulin Rouge, which has acquired worldwide fame and which is the most visited place in this arrondissement, along with Chez Michou, the cabaret with singers par excellence which also has considerable renown, and the Folies Bergères.

From the Pigalle neighbourhood to Clichy, there are Sex Shops all over the place.

But, far from all this agitation, there is a very quiet neighbourhood with provincial charm: Nouvelle-Athènes. With Neoclassical style buildings, it is a very cultural neighbourhood.

Routes for everyone :

for lovers of leisurely walks :

If you want to wander round the 9th arrondissement, go to the Nouvelle-Athènes neighbourhood. With its authentic little streets such as the Rue Rodier, Rue Milton, the Cité Charles-Godon, you will get your first idea of Montmartre. All these roads are quiet and maintain the image of a small village. The rest of the 9th arrondissement will let you wander round big lively boulevards, where the melting-pot reigns.

for lovers of culture :

The 9th arrondissement offers relatively few museums and other cultural resources. In the neighbourhood of the big boulevards you can, however, find the Musée Grévin, where a large number of celebrities have their double in wax. Greatly loved by children!

In this same neighbourhood, you can find the Musée de l'Opéra and the library, which teaches you the history of the Palais Garnier, with famous ballet costumes, and photos and paintings entirely devoted to dancing.

You can visit two museums in the Nouvelle-Athènes neighbourhood: the Musée de la Vie Romantique, which will let you discover or rediscover the great Romantic artists with temporary exhibitions. And the Musée Gustave Moreau, which offers a testimony of his works of art.

for lovers of shopping :

The 9th arrondissement is a source of joy for you, as you can dream in front of well-stocked and decorated windows of shops all around Boulevard Haussman. The biggest department stores of the capital have all set up here: Le Bon Marché, La Samaritaine, Le Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.

And, if you prefer cheaper shops, the Barbès neighbourhood is for you, especially with its imposing Tati.

To remember: The Department Stores / Le Boulevard Haussman / Le Moulin Rouge / Chez Michou / Les Folies Bergères / Barbès / La Nouvelle-Athènes / Le musée Grévin.


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