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The scientific and human neighbourhood (19th)

Concentrated Paris (1st)
Welcome to picturesque Paris (2nd)
The Calm of the Temple and the life of the Marais (3rd)
The chic of life on the islands (4th Arrondissement)
The neighbourhood for everyone (5th)
Pure animation! (6th)
Institutional Paris (7th)
The neighbourhood of VIPs (8th)
Shopping in an atmosphere of cabaret (9th)
The neighbourhood of the stations (10th)
The Rock'n'Roll Neighbourhood (11th)
When the modern style sets in, Nature resists (12th)
The heterogeneous neighbourhood (13th)
From Montsouris to Montparnasse (14th)
A spot of green in a densely populated Paris (15th)
Culture and history everywhere (16th)
Popular and chic! (17th)
Bohemian Montmartre according to Aznavour (18th)
The scientific and human neighbourhood (19th)
Accommodation for all (20th)
  Nature/Leisurely walks : ++ Culture : +++ Shopping : +

From the ultramodern to long bucolic rides along the Bassin de la Villette and the Ourcq and St Martin Canals, the 19th arrondissement is not lacking in charm. It is an arrondissement with two sides to it: on the one hand, the La Villette neighbourhood and, on the other hand, the Buttes Chaumont. In the former you will find the Cité des Sciences, a real demonstration of science and industry through play, or you can let the "bateaux-mouches" carry you along. The latter is much more romantic and pleasant, with long walks in the remains of what was a neighbourhood of gypsum quarries even known in America.

Routes for everyone:

for lovers of leisurely walks:

Buttes Chaumont is ideal for leisurely walks. Its park, resting on former quarries, is a real haven of peace with its lake, its waterfalls and its temple with wonderful views. You can get to know it on foot or in a cart pulled by donkeys, which is sure to amaze you.

In the same neighbourhood you can see the Villas Mouzaïa with their little gardens in flower where birds like to hide to sing their spring song, under the watchful eye of cats dozing under the rose arbours.

Finally, you can cross the Bassin de la Villette on a "bateau-mouche" or simply walk round it, a pleasant stroll among crayfish anglers. On leaving the Bassin de la Villette you can admire the last drawbridge in operation, on the Ourcq Canal.

for lovers of culture:

In the La Villette neighbourhood there is a gem of a discovery: the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. It will let you discover science and its use in industry in an interactive way. All around this Cité des Sciences is the Géode, which more than a cinema is a film simulator, the Grande Halle, a temporary exhibition hall in modules and the Cité de la Musique accompanied by the Museum of the same name which will show you all aspects of the art of music in a very original setting.

for lovers of shopping :

The Avenue Jean Jaurès will be the main focus of attention for shopping in this arrondissement. This Avenue forms the border between the Buttes Chaumont and La Villette neighbourhoods.

To remember :  Les Buttes Chaumont / l'Avenue Jean Jaurès / Le Quartier de la Villette / La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie / La Géode.