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Do you want your business to stand out from competition?

Paris On Line is the first and only interactive guide of Paris.

Youíll find here all kind of information on the City, tourism, where to eat, accommodation, museums, going out, art, culture, shopping, etc.

The guide is fully published in two languages, English, and French.

Our database provides information on more than 2.000 places in the City, all of them classified according to the type of business, its category, its location or prices whenever it applies.

This is all free information. Nonetheless, we provide businesses means to stand out from the rest of the competition, and be more appealing to surfers. Rest assured there is one that will fit your personal requirements:

Your business is already on the Net?
No problem, weíll provide a link to your Web pages, and any time you appear on our listings, an icon will allow surfers to link to your site. Itís as simple as that, and it will cost you very little money.
You still donít have your own Web site?
No sweat! At Paris On Line, we can help you design and publish exactly what you need, whether you want the basics or a custom made site. It all depends on the information you want to provide to the users: you can put photos, promotions, your menu, prices, services, a location map, reservations on line and whatever you think might be useful or interesting.

Your site will provide you with your own personal address ( which you can put on business cards or other advertising supports. Visitors will then come not only from Paris On Line, but also directly and freely from anywhere in Internet.

We can also promote your site with the main search engines, provide statistics of visits to your site, connection to the Internet, FTP service so you can update your site on your own, and of course provide you with your own domain name ( or .com).

If you wish to receive any further information, just get in touch with us at:


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