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Self catering apartments in Paris for rentals holiday, city break or business trip. Your apartment rental in Paris, can be cheaper than a hotel and as cosy as your own house. Browse our listing to see details information and location of each accommodation and than book through Paris On Line secure booking system. Or if you are in a hurry call us directly at: (+34 Spain) 93 343 79 94

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ARLETTE 1-6 pax Montmartre

Lovely apartment in a turn of the 19th-20th century building. It's located in a popular neighbourhood, home of many artists (next to Rue Ganneron and "Villa des Arts" where many pictures about the last century were filmed). The flat is only 30 m from métro La Fourche (Ligne 13 - North-South line),..

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Phil République 1-6 pax République

Near Republic, North and East Railway Stations and close to the Marais.

The area is lively and friendly, there is the popular Passage Brady, shopping and gallery full of eateries, formed by a space between two apartment blocks, covered by a glass gallery and forged iron.


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